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Second Winter School on Wearable Robots

In collaboration with COST Action on Wearable Robots we co-organized the second Winter School on Wearable Robots in Obertauern in Austria. Summary of the event was published in Exoskeleton Report.

Optimization-based control concepts for active exoskeletons

Producing cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology in the wearable robotics field is always limited by our abilities to use and exploit the multifunctional components that an active exoskeleton like SPEXOR features. To this extend, we use Optimal Control methods in a two-fold methodology: Firstly, we produce target torque profiles as to successfully drive the hip actuator […]

Spexor Monitoring system with sensory feedback capabilities

The Spexor Monitoring system fuses the sensor information from inertial measurement units (IMU) and force insoles to allow a biomechanical and ergonomical analysis of posture. The system can recognize when the user is doing an unergonomic movement and feedback this back to the user. This way the user can correct the posture or avoid such […]